Pincushion Neighbourhood Plan

Sustainable Expansion Design for Small Community

Thoughtful Integration

The Ponderosa/Pincushion Ridge Neighbourhood Plan Master Plan is a comprehensively planned expansion to a small Okanagan community. This sustainable, smart growth design supports a Village Centre, recreation facilities and employment opportunities in an outstanding setting. The Plan governs development activities within the area by prescribing, among other things, environmental management, future land use, infrastructure implementation, and settlement pattern.

Adoption of the Plan involved considerable public consultation including direct liaison with key stakeholders such as Westbank First Nations, consultation with community and special interest groups, broad public information sessions with exit survey feedback opportunities, and prescribed public input obligations of the bylaw approval process.

The Plan seeks to create a sustainable future for this new part of Peachland by integrating land uses in a compact urban form. A total of 2059 units are proposed within the Plan area and the underlying strategy is to create a sustainable settlement area on approximately 53% of the site while 47% will remain as natural openspace, park or golf use. The net population on full occupancy is approximately 4,100 residents.

A key element of the Plan is an integrated destination golf resort and village. Ponderosa Golf Resort is a collection of services and facilities that is a beacon for ecological and golf tourism. Tourism Village development offers golf, restaurants, visitor accommodation and permanent golf housing.

Development is carefully managed through prescribed Development Permit Areas for all environmentally sensitive areas, multiple-family residential and commercial development, development proposed on steeper sloped topography, and development proposed within the urban / wild-land interface zone.

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