Kneller Townhomes

Bold Design and Considerate Layouts to Serve Active Lifestyles

Sustainable Okanagan Living
Centrally located in Kelowna’s Rutland area, this three-building townhome development consists of 9 units carefully and efficiently built in cluster-style on what was previously a single family lot.

By replacing 1 residence with 9, the project is contributing to carbon reduction, infrastructure efficiency and fiscal reserves.
Architecturally, Kneller Townhomes synthesize the climate, active lifestyles and popular environmentalism unique to Kelowna.

Private space is maximized with ground level backyards where residents and their pets can relax. Enclosed stairways lead to 480 square foot rooftop terraces that use the entire roof with a minimal stairway enclosure. This space is ideal for a summer kitchen, hot-tub and outdoor furniture.

The building massing modules are varied in an asymmetrical pattern; projections accentuate the structural pattern and the exterior materials playfully interact within and among the buildings. With an active street interface, these contemporary town homes offer 1790-1900 square foot homes on 2 levels over a double garage. This bold design landmarks the curve of the fronting street. Vehicle access is central to the housing cluster and garages are sheltered by cantilevered residential levels overhead.

This development advances Okanagan Contemporary Architecture while concurrently considering sustainability and climate change energy conservation obligations. The square platform of the floorplan minimizes exterior wall area and conserves energy and building materials. Solar shading on the south and west facades reduces energy for cooling while allowing for bright interiors.

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