Indigenous World Winery

Statement Building Design for First Nations Wine Tasting Center

A Cultural Experience

The design for the Indigenous World Winery tasting facility was predicated on the need to make a strong statement in built form to help imbed the experience vividly in visitors’ memories. As a response to the history of First Nations, natural materials are featured and used in a way that evokes a spiritual relationship to the space.

Several design concepts were prepared as the Client explored a variety of building materials and techniques. The original building design was based on a floor-plate designed to be moved on skids or by way of a building moving truck/trailer. An array of engineered beams and posts radiate from a supporting structure to support the roof and infill glazing or wall panels. As the geotechnical nature of the site soil favours a conventional basement as opposed to a crawlspace foundation, the resulting below-grade space serves as a storage area.

The restaurant and tasting area are located at ground level taking advantage of the sweeping views extending beyond the generous outdoor lounge deck. The natural setting is enhanced by planted natural gardens and permeable hard surfaces. A traditional tepee is situated at the entrance to the grounds and is often the setting for private wine tastings while art pieces invite visitors to explore and appreciate the rich cultural history of the Indigenous people groups.