Huston Road Multifamily

Multifamily Residential Duplex Development with Natural Vegetation

Walk-up and Walk-out

This multiple family residential development consists of 52 residences in Peachland, BC and is proposed for an undeveloped hillside site adjacent to an existing multi-family residential development. New Town facilitated the public consultation, rezoning and consolidation of two properties consistent with the District of Peachland Official Community Plan and designed the ground-oriented multiple-unit residential neighbourhood to fit within the existing context.

The hillside site in relative proximity to Provincial Highway 97 was subject to a number of technical Development Permits and we coordinated various professional reports including a detailed traffic study, environmental assessment and geotechnical review.

The slope-adaptable units in the form of walk-up and walk-out duplexes were utilized to reduce impact on the existing hillside, and to retain as much natural vegetation as possible. Where cut/fill scenarios will disturb larger sections of the hillside, serpentine stone retaining walls are proposed in a terraced format to reduce perceived massing and to retain natural vegetation.

The design clusters the development on only 15.9% of the 5.97 acre site, retaining significant vegetative tree cover. Unit sizes and designs were created to fit within the scope of surrounding development in an aesthetically pleasing format. The proposed landscape plan makes use of natural vegetation whenever possible, while adding geographically appropriate trees and shrubs in and around the duplex units to enhance visual appeal.

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