Hillside Plaza

Inviting Neighbourhood Shopping and Services Center

Commercial Community Plaza
Hillside Plaza is a neighbourhood shopping and services centre with space for social opportunities or programmed activities. Buildings offer individual storefronts to multiple tenants. Each commercial space is branded separately within a pedestrian friendly setting.

This development is strongly focused on community and the corner plaza is key to this concept, offering public spaces that are inviting, safe and attractive.   Coffee shop café seating helps to animate the plaza and programmed activities can be planned to bring the people to this outdoor living room.

The massing of the structures allows for a comfortable human scale with pronounced towers for wayfinding and identity. A four-sided clock tower over the medical clinic (Building B) is a unifying focus of the Centre and serves as a visual landmark when viewed from the Summit/Glenmore intersection.

Retail CRU spaces face the central clock tower building and café seating extends onto a large plaza. Symbolic window super graphics are prominent to the street and plaza to enliven wall faces and market the businesses