Ethereal Lakeshore

Luxury living in a rural setting

The Modern Okanagan

This 42 unit multi-family concrete and steel building offers considerable amounts of open space with sweeping views of the lake. Located in a rural/agricultural area overlooking orchards and Okanagan Lake, this unique shaped property has required a highly custom architecture design.

The structure is in juxtaposition to the adjacent agrarian setting and is an example of an evolving form being defined as ‘Okanagan Modern’. We believe this design approach defines the differences between a home and farm while concurrently being respectful of the neighbors. The built form is composite of three residential blocks with interconnected circulation. The blocks are defined visually by the two main street-side entrances and their inverted barrel canopy.

The building is designed in a modern aesthetic that spans the Lakeshore Road frontage creating the impression of multiple smaller structures composed of high quality materials including fiber cement siding and architectural concrete.

The stepped-back nature of the building and the unique nature of the floor layouts result in non-stackable units that are unique from one another on each floor. The most effective structural solution for this type of design is a continuous concrete transfer slab on each floor. These slabs, combined with the site shape, define the contemporary architectural language of the exterior. A significant area of the building facade is to be finished with different wood products, which implies the building’s belonging to a semi-rural area, rather than an urban centre.

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