Ethel Condominiums

Residential 26-Unit Infill Development with Contemporary Aesthetic

Combining New and Heritage

This infill development is located on a previously underutilized property bordered on 3 sides by existing multifamily buildings. The 26-unit residential building fits consistently into the neighborhood context.

A single family heritage home was situated on the property and, due to its historical significance, was relocated to another lot as an alternative to being demolished. The site celebrates the remaining heritage tree by adapting the architecture to embrace this outstanding feature.

The new building is designed in a contemporary aesthetic, with predominantly stucco siding and wood toned fiber cement accents. Due to high groundwater in the area, the top of the parkade structure sits approximately 1.2m above pre-development grade, with the height differential softened using terraced landscaping. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to utilize large patio decks with landscaped planters and short runs of stairs for direct access to ground floor units, while simultaneously affording a level of privacy for these homes from the fronting streets.