Dynes Condo

Increased Livability Near the Downtown Core

Modern Aesthetic Meets Livability

Inspired by the 60’s highway resorts and beachside community living, this multi-residential complex provides a soft and elegant addition to the community that harkens back to the mid-century vacation aesthetic. Organic, overlapping balcony corners and vertically linear wood finishes complement each other to help create a natural feel to the building akin to the Ponderosa pine forests that are located throughout the region.

Designed to appreciate the wonderful Okanagan Lake and surrounding mountainsides, the complex includes large balconies with expansive views that provide shade for the spaces below. These balconies allow the residents to expand their living area in the summer months. Vertical screens combine with overhangs to strategically ensure privacy, reduce summer heat loading, and minimize snow build-up in winter months.

Residences are separated into two low-rise towers, which helps to ensure homes still receive morning and evening light. This is achieved due to the stepped building core that includes a glass breezeway connecting the towers. There is a mix of 1 to 3 bedroom open plan living units which encourage a diverse building demographic that families, singles, and couples from varying backgrounds can call home.

Ample private amenities are an important aspect of this design and include quiet rooftop corners, open plan rooftop patio space for large entertaining, and a gym for the fitness conscious. The inclusion of solar panels to the rooftop helps reduce the financial, energy and climate burdens that may typically come with a development of this nature and helps to future-proof the building for the many decades to come.