Crystal View

bright and inviting single family homes with a view

a lakeview community

This single family community is nestled on a sloping hillside in West Kelowna and offers spectacular lake and valley views and excellent sun exposure. Our land use planners coordinated the rezoning, environmental and geotechnical Development Permits, and subdivision over two phases creating a total of 54 new residential lots.

The project encompassed three vacant rural parcels largely comprised of previously disturbed forested lands and grasslands sloping west to east and offering sweeping views of the valley and lake beyond. The 26.5 acre site was rezoned to facilitate the extension of an existing single family residential development with areas of the site allocated for both single detached as well as compact housing forms.

Protection of Environmentally Sensitive Areas was accomplished through the dedication of approximately 10% of the site as designated park space. Steep slope, geotechnically sensitive areas protected by restrictive covenant are incorporated within the subdivision pattern and provide natural features throughout the development.

Subdivision of land is a technical task with a multiple obligations prior to Land Title registration. Infill lot design/creation or large land parcelization requires thoughtful planning and a vision for an attainable outcome. Design Guidelines protect the views and character of the subdivision.

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