Meghan Matthews
Building Design Technologist

Meghan’s career in the design industry began with her passion for interior design. Meghan loves being able to share that passion through her work, and seeing those designs come to life. Earning her Diploma in Interior Design has led Meghan to work alongside other creative minds, architects, planners and engineers. Meghan started with New Town in 2015 as a building design technologist where her knowledge was broadened to the inner workings of building design. Meghan enjoys the collaborative environment New Town fosters and the ways each person’s strengths, ideas and creative differences are united to produce beautiful designs. Meghan is skilled in digital modelling, drafting and rendering as well as conceptual development, visualizing the space, its functionality and movements. Meghan see’s design as a way of placing her mark in the industry while reducing the ones we put on the environment with sustainable design.

Outside of work Meghan is typically curled up with a book or exploring the local outdoors with her family.

Diploma in Interior Design Technology