New Town Services is a proven champion for entrepreneurial and public sector clients. We are strong communicators with an established protocol for achieving consensus among stakeholders. Whether the task at hand is a homesite severance (ALR), an infill subdivision or a comprehensively master-planned community comprised of several hundred acres, our team is noted for its creativity in design and problem solving as well as our thoroughness in issue resolution.
New Town Services and its associates are recognized for all facets of land use planning and development design and delivery in an integrated design service.

Policy Planning

Includes comprehensive development review for the creation of Community Plans, Sector Plans, Specified Area Plans, Revitalization Plans, and Development Guidelines. Strategies for sustainability of the economy, environment and society are integral to the New Town mission.

Development Services

Respond to market opportunities and provide clients with detailed neighbourhood and development design. New Town provides agency services to applicants at all stages throughout the layered approval process.